Oral Health Care Plans: Sedation Dentistry

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When the time comes to enhance your oral health care through the use of a treatment from your dentist, you may require some form of sedation. Sedation is intended to help alleviate any pain or discomfort you may feel during an oral health care procedure. Through the use of sedation dentistry, multiple sedatives are available to assist you, including the following types:

– One of the fastest acting forms of sedation is via drugs that are directly injected into your bloodstream. As they can be adjusted based on dosage, various levels of sedation can be given. One of the key benefits of intravenous sedation is the fact that it is fast-acting.

– For a slower form of sedation that is also effective, consider the use of oral sedation. Oral sedation consists of using a pill or similar device that will be swallowed to help provide you relaxation and a pain-free experience as needed. However, oral sedation must be given at least an hour before a procedure is to be delivered.
– For a milder form of sedative, consider the use of laughing gas. Laughing gas consists of an oxygen and nitrous oxide combination that is delivered through a mask placed over your mouth. The gas tends to wear off quickly but can calm and relaxed patients.

– The deepest form of sedation is through the use of anesthesia. Anesthesia is highly effective for placing individuals into a state of unconsciousness when comprehensive surgeries or procedures are required. While under the effects of general anesthesia, it is difficult to wake a patient. They will remain in this state until the anesthesia wears off or is reversed with other medications.

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